R-1234YF (New CFC Free Refrigerant)

R-1234YF is a chemical refrigerant that will be used in new cars in place of R134a.

Over time, all vehicle Manufacturers are expected to use the new refrigerant.

R134a has been found to contribute to global warming.

The two refrigerants are very similar in performance. R-1234YF is classified as slightly flammable.

Initially it will be more expensive than R134a but it is expected to get cheaper once more and more vehicles use the product.

Retrofitting R134a systems to the new refrigerant will not be allowed.

New equipment will be required to service R1234YF systems. Shops will need a SAE J2843 R/R/R machine, a SAE J2912 or J2927 Refrigerant Analyzer and a SAE J2913 leak detector.


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